Team Jura Sports / Oudendijk 75 !!

Alpe d'HuZes 2020

Waarom wij meedoen aan Alpe d'HuZes !! Why do we participate at Alpe d'Huzes?

Wij doen als team mee aan Alpe d’HuZes omdat wij geloven dat wij samen kunnen werken aan een wereld waarin je niet meer doodgaat aan kanker, wil jij ons steunen?

Groter team, grotere doelen, een jaartje wijzer en nog meer redenen om vol aan de bak te gaan!

Daaaaaaaaar gaan we !! 


We participate as team at Alpe d'Huzes because we believe that we can work together towards a world where people don't die of cancer anymore, do you want to support us?

Bigger team, bigger goals, a bit more life experience and many more reasons to give it our all!

Theeeeeeere we go !!

Team Updates

Eyes on Alpe d'Huzes 2020!

After an amazing experience with the Jura Sports cycling-team last year, with our experienced Casper, ultra-fit Thierry, rookie of the year Robert and 'not bad at all for a first effort' Patrick, the training for 2020 starts.

A short first introduction blog on our site to inform, what hopefully will become: a small army of supporters/donators  laughing

For next year we welcome Alec, Elisa, Joke, Niek and Linda.
Casper, Patrick, Robert and Thierry will be there like last year.
In the 2020 edition we will have part of the team go up by bike and for the first time also a part will go up as 'walkers'.

Lets make one thing clear above anything else;
We will push ourselves to the max, during the training and on Thursday the 4th of June 2020 to get as money in as we can for the KWF Kanker Bestrijding (Dutch Cancer Society). More cure, less cancer and better life for people in treament against cancer are the 3 main goals.

For everyone a cause which they can relate to, something thats tough to beat, but for sure not unbeatable. 

During the preparations towards Alpe d'Huzes 2020, everyone within our team, but actually everyone participating/volunteering/listening to or looking at the event will have their own collection of thoughts they will bring with them. Their own purpose and their own emotions.
We're mainly grateful we can attend it and will do our utmost to make it something very special.

New posts with team updates and introductions to follow soon !!

Keep you posted, have a lovely Christmas  

Thank you to our Sponsors







Jura/Oudendijken gaan er de schouders onder zetten!! Dit jaar Rob van Berkum maar afgelopen jaren te veel vrienden en kennissen verloren aan deze KLOTE ZIEKTE


Jurgen De Jong


Sofia + Senna

Go team! First donation from us. 20 + 20 + zes :-)


Johan Buckert Swisspartners





Vanuit een bijzondere familie, voor een bijzonder goed doel !!! Heel veel succes, plezier en uiteraard steun aan elkaar.





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