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Waarom ik meedoe aan Alpe d'HuZes

Ik doe mee aan Alpe d’HuZes omdat ik geloof dat wij samen kunnen werken aan een wereld waarin je niet meer doodgaat aan kanker, wil jij mij steunen?

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So I went to the pub and ended up agreeing to climb Alp d'Huez 3 times..........on a bike:)

Hello All,


Our owner De Rijswaard have organised quite a few charity events in the past, this year AAB (well myself and Craig) have been convinced to join the event in France.


We will be taking part in the Alp d’Huez cycle climb. This climb has featured in many ‘Tour de France’ and involves climbing from 726m to 1850m in just 13.8km meaning it is a 8.1% gradient.


The current record of 37min and 35 seconds was set in 1997 – Given I am significantly heavier than the record holder, and that my attitude to fitness is ‘I talk a much better game, than I have ever  achieved’ I will be glad just to make it up the hill.


That said our owner Atse has decided climbing the hill once isn’t enough so Craig and I have set the target of climbing bottom to top three times in one day. – As you can imagine I did agree to this after having had a beer or three in the pub.


It is all for a good cause and the money raised by the team is being directly donated to Dutch Cancer Society. All costs of travel, entry, training and so on are covered by either Rijswaard or the team member.


We have all set a significant personal target of €2,500 each, but given the challenge and the pain it is likely to cause we thought we needed to aim big.


Training has already started with 4 sessions sat on the turbo trainer in the garage, I would like to report big things, but given the first half hour almost ended me I have a long way to go. But onwards and upwards.


Any and all donations are welcome, please feel free to sponsor me either in support or just to know that I will be in a load of pain and probably moaning all the way up the hill and unable to walk properly for a few days afterwards. I don’t mind which.


Please see the link below,


Thank you in advance,



Thank you to my Sponsors


Alan Simpson

Good Luck!!


The Team at J Medler

From all at J Medler Haulage and Merchants - Good luck


Jonathan Plews


TJ O Mahonys

Best of luck from all at HPC.


alan Harris


Gary p Green

Hope it hurts as much it sounds



Good Luck Mate - Sorry for the delay - Last years charity budget was already well over budget. Had to wait for the new financial year to kick in. Cheers Brian.


Tim Ross

Good Luck Jonathan


Pennyfarthing Construction Ltd

Best Of Luck .



Good luck from all at Nzime!


Team Maasdriel

Jonathan, succes namens De Boer Machines Ned. BV!!

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