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Raising funds for research to prevent and cure cancer

Last year was my first time participating in Alpe d'HuZes. It was impressive and felt as a privilige to be able to bike up the mountain to raise money for the fight against cancer.

Of course the fight continues and I am happy to be able to participate once more. 

Inspired by and thankful for my brother's recovery, I am confident that some day we do not have to lose friends, family or anyone to this awful disease anymore. But seeing other friends and relatives struggle with this disease, I realize that it will require a lot of further research and funding. Just trying to contribute my little part to it.

In respect to those who are currently fighting off this disease and in respectful memory to all those who have, please join me in this fight and donate whatever you can to this all-embracing cause. Thank you.

My Updates

128 Days until the challenge of 126 bends, climbing up the Alpe d'Huez.

So, about time to give the bike a good scrubbing (won't be the last of course) and to start thinking about optimizing the gearing a little (putting on a 12-36 cassette).

Indoor training with GCN - 1 Hour Indurance Session

Time for some mudguards (removable)

126 days till 126 curves: no days to lose. So, although they are quite ugly, still installing mudguards. They are easily removable. Will allow me to ride in wet road conditions while not getting my butt, feet and rucksack too wet.

Did an hours HIIT indoor cycling workout in the meantime. Just to build that general endurance.

126 days to go: looked like a beatiful afternoon for riding.

Unfortunately I had to train indoors anyway. But it was a good training: 1 hour HIIT.

Icey bicycle paths today

Icey bicycle paths today: I just wasn't as brave as other cyclists. So the attached picture isn't mine.

Definitely not as brave as people fighting cancer. Giving-up/not going is not an option for them. Respect!

Just an indoor Sweet Spot interval training for me: 


What a privilege to be training in the Dutch Dunes this afternoon.

Sunny, cold, little wind and such a nice view. Apparently those little bumps are more of a challenge than I hoped they would be: the average speed is not where I would like to see it. But OK there's more training ahead.
This evening I learned that nowadays 64% of cancer patients recover (in the Netherlands). Of course that is a great number but we want to reach a situation where there is no casualties of cancer anymore. That requires even more research.
And a new type of care may need to be developed. With more and more people surviving cancer, there actually is more (former) patients living with cancer. That brings new mental challenges, which will need to be addressed.