Team El Maco

Why Team Maco joins the battle to defeat cancer!

Cancer may never win. Too many people are diagnosed with this horrible disease and after experiencing relatives pass away due to this sickness we decided to do someting!!!

We met each other studying at the same school, the Hotel Management School Maastricht. From the beginning, we got along really well. That year was the year Stijn had lost someone close due to cancer. He had set his goal to climb the Alpe for 6 times to raise money, and did he do it!

Daan on the other hand, has never been on a racing bike, let alone owning a racing bike. He decided, after supporting Stijn for his 6-times-challenge to challenge himself to do something outside of his comfort zone while doing good and helping defeat this terrible disease.  

Please help us reach our goals and we will promise you we won't let you down on the climb! Even a small contribution would really help!

Thanks for your kindness and generosity! 

Stijn Hovens & Daan Kahmann


P.s. More pictures and videos will follow!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Jelle Geerars

Heel veel succes gasten!

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